AGP1 HS 4:1 Primer – Beige

Our high-solids, 2-component filler primers have very good filling properties and are easy to sand. The HS Filler Primer dries quickly, can be sanded wet or dry, provides excellent protection against corrosion,
and exhibits optimal adhesion characteristics.


The HS 4:1 Primer is a high-solids Twinpack filler-primer with good build. It has excellent sanding properties and topcoat hold-out.


Mix in a ratio of 4:1 by volume with the Autogold HS 2:1 Universal Hardener series and Autogold 2K reducer of choice. It is intended for 2-coat applications.

It is suitable for use on all kinds of primed-metal surfaces, as well as fibreglass, polyester putties, 2K acrylic fillers or primers, and OEM and refinishing coatings.

> Easy to mix and apply.
> Excellent flow characteristics.
> Excellent sanding properties.
> Good hold-out of topcoats.

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